The Rose of the west review

DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSCN4969


As you can see, I won this book. Mark Bondurant has wrote something specialy for me on the first page.(which I really like)  It was published 28th of January so it’s not like a really old book. It’s Mark Bondurant his first book. And let us just be quiet and thankfull for this beautifull cover. Like please? Can it be better?! The story is about a girl and she lost all of her family and her dad is a miner and stopped sending letters a couple of years ago. She doesn’t know what happened to him and she’s not even sure if he is still alive. So, she decides to go find him and on her trip all kind of things happen (which I’m not going to tell or I will spoil it). She also meets Deke who actually should be in the army but he isn’t and yes you can imagine wat happens. So let’s move on to my oppinion…. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I love the story, the writing, the end, the beginning, everything! I like how in the beginning there are like 2 stories and how at 1 point they come to one story. I also really enjoyed the romantic love part of the story. And oh my goodness, the ending like wauw the last page I wauw don’t know how to say it… It was wonder full! For me personaly the beginning of the book (to when the story like really started) was a little to long. But still I liked it. If you are in to history stories, read it! of you are not in the history stories, also read it! It sounds to some people (yes to me also) really boring the read about history and war and all that stuff. But this? Please I loved it, I learned so much and not in a boring way so yes thank you really much Mark Bondurant!



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