From nothing to everything

So let me first tell you what this is going to be. I have a lot of books and my bookcase was getting to small. My parents told me if I found place in my room for a new one they would think about buying a new one for me. So I have this hollow wall and my thought was to build my new bookcase in there. Guess what? It was oke for my parents!! ^^

DSC_0014 this was the beginning, there was a plug that we had to remove. there was also this hole that we had to close.

DSC_0016 this was fase 2 , we closed the hole and removed the plug.

DSC_0021 Fase 3, we had to make everything clean and flat.

DSC_0220We made this frame and all we had to do was paint it.


DSC_0001 So now it is like this and I’m so happy how it turned out!

!!!!!!Big thank you to my stephdad Patrick for making this for me!!!!!




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