The least envied – Sean Delauder

DSC_0398 (3)Andrew is a writer, a special writer. He is writing the story of Billy Bob. Billy Bob had a mission; become a hero,go west, find Beta and defeat ultimate evil.

writing: 9/10
I must say it is very different and quite a challenge to get in to this but when you do you’ll love it! The philosophical addings were absolutely great! Some parts of the book just blew my mind! I’ll show some of them:

– “Evil became invisible when it was everywhere. Like air, everyone forgot it was there until it was blowing hard enough to knock off their hat or muss up their hair.”
– ” That was the mark of genuine beauty. Not being beautiful oneself, but making everything around them beautiful.”
-You want to hear more? Read the book! 😉

The story: 8/10
This book is for all kind of readers, it captivates you! Some parts were so exciting that I flew through them!

The setting: 9/10
This was the best part
of the book, I had never experienced this. Sean Delauder describes something and you just see the complete picture in your head. I absolutely loved the setting!

I loved this! Want to know more? Go there –>



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