MUA Undress Me Too palette review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing the ‘Undress me too’ palette by makeup academy. If your low in budget this is a perfect palette; in only costs you around 6 euro’s! You can get this online for only 4 pounds!

DSCN7133 DSCN7134

As you may have noticed this palette is very equal to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. So if you can’t afford the high end palette, this is a great dupe! Here are the swatches.

DSCN7122Naked, devotion, shy, fiery, lavish and dreamy

DSCN7131Corrupt, obsessed, wink, reveal, exposed and tranquil

As you can see you have a lot of shimmery colours and a few mat ones. The mat ones aren’t pigmented at all! BUT the shimmery ones are absolutely amazing! They are so pretty! You can make very pretty looks with this palette on daily basis or even for a night out. Even tough the mat shadows aren’t that good I think this is a great palette especially for this price.

DSCN7128 (2)
All over my lid: Devotion
Inner lid: Wink
Outer crease: Corrupt



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