South-Africa experience

Hey there guys! Today I’m talking about my ‘trip’ to South-Africa. Although it wasn’t realy a trip, I went there as a volunteer or missionary. We went with a group of 5. We’ve been working in 2 projects; both of them get children out of horrible circumstances and give them a great home and family. I met amazing people and have so many stories to tell! But today I will let the pictures speak and maybe now and then I will tell some more. I can’t put a lot of pictures of the children because some of them are ‘hiding’ or are under protection.

DSCN7317 DSCN7336 DSCN7355 DSCN7356 DSCN7367 DSCN7395 DSCN7438 DSCN7470 DSCN7474 DSCN7550 DSCN7595 DSCN7620 DSCN7648 DSCN7671 DSCN7673 DSCN7675 DSCN7688 DSCN7689 DSCN7833 DSCN7854 DSCN7884 DSCN7897 DSCN7925 DSCN7928 DSCN7950 DSCN7968 DSCN8011 DSCN8058 DSCN8068

Lots of love,




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