Make up base – aliexpress review

make up base

To test this primer I compared it with the nivea post shave balm. (This isn’t an actual primer but it works great!) I applied nivea on the right side of my face and the aliexpress one in the right. I’ll begin with showing how it looked right after I applied my makeup.

Aliexpress make up base                                    Nivea post shave balm

What I noticed first is the weird texture of the primer, it’s extremely thick and weird. Beside that the makeup applied the same way as usual. I’m not 100 procent sure but I feel like the nivea side is ‘prettier’ (as in it is better blended en looks better applied). What do you think?
Now I’ll show you how it looked after a complete day.

Nivea post shave balm                                        Aliexpress primer

As you can see my bronzer, highlighter and blush stayed on way better at the aliexpress side, which I’m kind of surprised about! On the other hand if you look closely at my nose it looks awful… I wear glasses and it ‘damaged’ my makeup at the aliexpress side… Here’s a close up–>

So overal I don’t think it’s a bad primer but it’s definitely not the best. It has both positive as negative sides. As the price of nivea is the same I would get the nivea post shave balm.



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