falling for fall tag

Fall is finaly here! Let’s talk some fall! 😉 The perfect time of the year, when it's just cold enough for hot cocoa or coffee and cozy sweaters and not to cold to take long walks and enjoy the weather <3:

1. Favourite fall candle? I can’t burn candles in my room because I let one burn all day long when I wasn’t home. My mom didn’t appreciate that. But if I would burn one, it would be a vanilla candle.

2. Favourite fall clothing? I absolutely LOVE my over the knee boots! I wear them in every way possible. Big oversize sweater, thights and my boots ofourse.

3. Fuzzy socks or knee socks? Hmm this is so hard because I like both, but I’ll go for the fuzzy socks!

4. Favourite fall food?I don’t have anything specific. I do eat more chocolat chip cookies during this time of the year.

5. Favourite thing about fall? The leaves falling of the tree, taking a walk, biking to school with a chunky scarf, …

6. Halloween costume last year? Halloween isn’t really a thing in Belgium so nothing haha.

7. Favourite fall drink? White hot chocolat with caramel!!

8. Do you enjoy carving pumpkins? To be honest, I have never done it before…

9. Fall playlist? My playlist doesn’t really change with the seasons but I’m currently listening to Tom Odell and Sia.

10. Fall traditions? Going out to take tons of pictures! 🙂

What do you like about fall? I tag everyone who read this! Leave a link to your fall tag


Lots of love



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