Gift guide for mom/aunt

Don’t know what to buy for your mom or aunt? Here are some of my ideas! 🙂

  1. Book
    This is something my mom would absolutely love but it’s ofcourse not for everyone! If your mom/aunt does like reading here are some of my book ideas: The book thief, a new beautiful bible, cook book, to the lighthouse,..
  2. candle
    A woman likes her house to smell nice, so scented candles are the way to go! Bath and bodyworks has TONS! I love Frosted Cranberry!!
  3. Perfume
    Same goes for perfume, when it smells nice, buy it… You can spend as much as you want on perfume. There are definitely good affordable perfumes out there!
  4. flowers
    …. YES! buy her flowers, she’ll love it!
  5. jewelry
    This is not for everyone but a dainty necklace is always nice!
  6. Citytrip
    If you want to spent just that extra bit of money, I think this is an amazing gift. You can spend some quality time with your mom on a trip! (Paris, Londen, New York, Rome, Venice,…)
  7. Slippers
    Help a lady out with cold feet! Buy comfy fussy slippers and she’ll love it!
  8. Blanket
    No one like to be cold!!
  9. Spa
    Treat her with a nice day at the spa, you can enjoy the gift too! It’s a win-win. 😉
  10. Selfmade gifts
    I think she might like this the most of all! Moms just love when you put that little bit of effort into it! Make a painting of you two, bake her a cake,…

I hope this helped you out! Let me know some more ideas in the comments!!

Lots of love



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