Gift guide for your dad/uncle

  1. Aftershave
    Go for a brand like Paco Rabanne, it always gets them. šŸ˜‰
  2. watch
    This is something you’re old man will love! If you don’t know what style to get him, look at his other watch(es).. There are tons of good brand out there like Giorgio Armani, Matrix, Daniel Wellinton,…
  3. wine/beer
    This is I think one of the best gifts. What I would do is get a special wine or special beer that he has never had before.
  4. magazine
    These days you have magazines of everything so you can pick whatever he likes!
  5. pen
    This might seem stupid but it’s totaly not! I once gave a pen with his name engraved in it and till this day my steph dad has it!
  6. dinner
    Let’s admit, every man likes to eat… :p Take him to a nice restaurant, just the two of you!
  7. gadget
  8. belt
    A nice brown/black belt. There’s no going wrong with this gift! If you want to make it that extra nice, buy one a bit more expensive like Hugo Boss. šŸ™‚
  9. wallet
    Get one of those typical black mens wallet and he’ll love it!
  10. selfmade gift
    This might seem like it’s a bit too sentimental for dads/uncles but deep down they love it!


Lots of love



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