If I could design my own closet

If I could design my own closet… It might seem as an easy thing to do but honestly, it would take me ages to perfect it. If you’d ask me this 2 years ago I wouldn’t even care. But since fashion became such a big part of what I love this question became really hard. Obviously I have an idea and a certain style I want to share with you today.

A closet definitely needs these few things:

  1. The main area
    Even though I like simplistic and modern, I would want my closet to be more on the classic style with touches of today. I don’t know how to explain so I’ll let a picture speak. It’s not exaclty what I want but it’s in the right direction.
    Something I can’t miss in the area? a nice small sofa.
    Complete closet_edited
  2. Lighting
    Natural light is my go to, I want to know how my outfit looks outside. So a big window is a must! But obviously i won’t always be dressing myself during the day so a nice chandelier would look gorgeous.
  3. Mirror
    This is so obvious but it’s not easy chosing one. Do I want it hanging on the wall or standing? I chose a standing mirror because it’s easy to place it wherever you want. It’s simplistic with a touch of elegance at the top, just what I like.
  4. A closet island
    Isn’t this what everyone wants? A closet so big you can put an island in it. It’s definitely what I want. It’s easy to store little things like jewelry, sunglasses, scarfs, clutches,…
    jewelry drawer_edited

Now you got to take a glimpse of what goes on in my mind when I think about ‘my dream closset’. What would you really need in your closet?


Lots of love


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