Altered book ideas 2

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The least envied – Sean Delauder

DSC_0398 (3)Andrew is a writer, a special writer. He is writing the story of Billy Bob. Billy Bob had a mission; become a hero,go west, find Beta and defeat ultimate evil.

writing: 9/10
I must say it is very different and quite a challenge to get in to this but when you do you’ll love it! The philosophical addings were absolutely great! Some parts of the book just blew my mind! I’ll show some of them:

– “Evil became invisible when it was everywhere. Like air, everyone forgot it was there until it was blowing hard enough to knock off their hat or muss up their hair.”
– ” That was the mark of genuine beauty. Not being beautiful oneself, but making everything around them beautiful.”
-You want to hear more? Read the book! 😉

The story: 8/10
This book is for all kind of readers, it captivates you! Some parts were so exciting that I flew through them!

The setting: 9/10
This was the best part
of the book, I had never experienced this. Sean Delauder describes something and you just see the complete picture in your head. I absolutely loved the setting!

I loved this! Want to know more? Go there –>


Noah Barleywater runs away- John Boyne


Noah is 8 years old and decides to run away from home. Along the way he meets a toymaker, rather a special one. He spends a whole day with him and tells about his problems and why he ran away.

Yes i’m aware that this is a book for children but so what?! I enjoyed it and the concept is really good.. But I had some trouble with some parts of the book. These issues have to do with my age but someone younger than me will sure enjoy the complete story!
You have 4 ‘important’ characters: Noah and his parents and the toy maker. I couldn’t really connect with Noah because well he’s 8 years old and behaves like an 8 year old. But the toymaker, my goodness! He’s rather old but I fell in love, all the feelings that go along with him, great!



Book event Belgium- Book haul

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Yesterday I went to one of the biggest book events of Belgium. It’s called ‘boekenbeurs Antwerpen’. It’s in a huge building full of books and the books are ‘arranged’ by publishing company. You had all kinds of books. There were also a lot of authors like Kiera Cass, Dirk Bracke,… I had a wonderfull time!

The books I got:

DSC_0020 The Selection by Kiera Cass (In Dutch) 

DSC_0021 Through the ever night by Veronica Rossi (In Dutch)

DSC_0023 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

DSC_0024 A coloring book (This sounds so strange!)DSC_0025 DSC_0026


From nothing to everything

So let me first tell you what this is going to be. I have a lot of books and my bookcase was getting to small. My parents told me if I found place in my room for a new one they would think about buying a new one for me. So I have this hollow wall and my thought was to build my new bookcase in there. Guess what? It was oke for my parents!! ^^

DSC_0014 this was the beginning, there was a plug that we had to remove. there was also this hole that we had to close.

DSC_0016 this was fase 2 , we closed the hole and removed the plug.

DSC_0021 Fase 3, we had to make everything clean and flat.

DSC_0220We made this frame and all we had to do was paint it.


DSC_0001 So now it is like this and I’m so happy how it turned out!

!!!!!!Big thank you to my stephdad Patrick for making this for me!!!!!


The Rose of the west review

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As you can see, I won this book. Mark Bondurant has wrote something specialy for me on the first page.(which I really like)  It was published 28th of January so it’s not like a really old book. It’s Mark Bondurant his first book. And let us just be quiet and thankfull for this beautifull cover. Like please? Can it be better?! The story is about a girl and she lost all of her family and her dad is a miner and stopped sending letters a couple of years ago. She doesn’t know what happened to him and she’s not even sure if he is still alive. So, she decides to go find him and on her trip all kind of things happen (which I’m not going to tell or I will spoil it). She also meets Deke who actually should be in the army but he isn’t and yes you can imagine wat happens. So let’s move on to my oppinion…. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I love the story, the writing, the end, the beginning, everything! I like how in the beginning there are like 2 stories and how at 1 point they come to one story. I also really enjoyed the romantic love part of the story. And oh my goodness, the ending like wauw the last page I wauw don’t know how to say it… It was wonder full! For me personaly the beginning of the book (to when the story like really started) was a little to long. But still I liked it. If you are in to history stories, read it! of you are not in the history stories, also read it! It sounds to some people (yes to me also) really boring the read about history and war and all that stuff. But this? Please I loved it, I learned so much and not in a boring way so yes thank you really much Mark Bondurant!