October bullet journal

Hey guys! Lately I’ve really been into bullet journaling. It’s a great way to get creative and get organized at the same time. It helps me out so much with planning blog posts and planning my daile day-to-day life.
So I decided to share what I use my bullet journal for.

Side note: I am not the most talented and creative person but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about doing what you like to do and trying.


As you can see I have a monthly planner. There’s one side for my personal activities and one for my blog. I write down when I post which blogpost to keep track on when I need to write a new one. Beside that I have small squares with notes, to-do and birthdays.








Every month I try to keep track of what I spend/gain. Just to get an idea of how much I spend on what. This doesn’t always go as planned but I try my best.
My last page is always a page to inspire. It depends each month what I do but this month I decided to cut out  some things of a magazine.

That’s what I did this month for my bullet journal. Do you have a bullet journal post? Leave me the link in the comments! 😀

Lots of love







Thrifted changes – Hollister shirt

I changed this shirt because it was waaay to tight around my elbows, here’s what I decided to do with it.

DSC_0002 In this picture I try to show how tight it is… I couldn’t bend my arm at all.

DSC_0004 First I drew two lines, the first (on the left) is where I’ll cut it, the second (on the right) is until where I will fold it.

DSC_0005 After I cut it I rolled up the sleeves and next I pinned it down.

DSC_0006 Next I tried it on to see if I liked it and last I sew along the edges where I rolled it up.

This is the final result. 🙂 before  after shirt



Thrifted changes- Shorts

Today I’ll be transforming long vintage shorts into a more fashionable item.

DSC_0004 I started by taking off the buttons down the sides.

DSC_0006 Then I marked how short I wanted
them (top line) and I added about 1 dm because I’ll have to roll them up later. So I cut them at the bottom line.
DSC_0010 Next I rolled up the bottom of the
shorts the way I prefered and pinned it down.
DSC_0012 Last I sew along the rolled up part.
This is the final result:

PicMonkey Collage



DIY – rose sugar scrub

Today we’re making a sugar scrub. But first off all: Why would you do this? It’s very simple your skin is constantly making new skin cells and the old ones fall off. But not all of them! When these old cells stick on your skin it quells your skin. When you scrub you remove these old cells and makes your skin healty, shine and soft. So why won’t you do it? It’s super simple! Materials:

DSC_0139 DSC_0138 DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0136

Sugar, any kind of oil for your body, a jar of your choice, a blender and rose petals.

What to do for the scrub: First step is to fill your jar with sugar, you can choose how much you want. Next is to take your oil and mix it with the sugar, u can use as much oil as you want, it’s totaly up to you! I put oil into it until all of my sugar is wet. Last step for the scrub you put in your petals, like with the oil, as much as you want but save a few for the end. You’re going the take your blender en mix it all up. When I was finished the petals were all in very small pieces and my scrub was purple. I wanted some bigger pieces of the petal in my scrub so I used some more petals, cutted them as big as I wanted and mixed it with a spoon. Now you’re scrub is ready!

What to do with the jar: I painted the lid in the color of my rose petals. I laid some rose petals on the bottom of the jar and added the scrub. On top I also added some petals. I putted a bow around the jar and my gift was ready! But you can ofcourse do whatever you like with your jar! 🙂

DSC_0151 DSC_0154


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DIY Tuesday – sleeping mask

DSC_0133 This is what we will make today, a night mask! 🙂
Materials you will need:

DSC_0116 Just some BASIC sewing material: Needle, dread, elastic and scissors.
DSC_0114 And some old pieces of fabric or just normal fabric, whatever you have.
DSC_0119 Step 1: Measuring. As you can see on my ‘lovely’ drawing you have te measure just about 1,5 cm away from your eyes. I added 2 cm just to be sure it is wide enough.
Step 2: Measuring again. Now you want to measure from the top of your head (where your hair line starts)  until 3/4 of your nose. I again added 2 cm just to be sure.
Step 3: Make a patern, just like I did but use your own measurements. You can make the patern just as you like and you pin it down on to your fabric.
Step 4: You cut out the patern twice and take some wool/thread you prefer.
Step 5: You put the wrong sides together and begin to sew. On the pictures you see I only go trhough the 1st layer, that is what you have to do and make sure the knot is on the inside when you go on into the second layer! On the picture my knot is on the outside but I turned it around afterwards.
DSC_0127Step 6: You sew around the edges but STOP around 3/4!  What you want to do next is cut out some small pieces of fabric and put it in your night mask. You can put in as much as you want. When you’re done with that you go on and sew all around.
Step 7: You take your elastic and stretch it out and pull it from 1 side of your face around the back to the other side. Don’t forget to stretch it when you do that! You cut out out the length you measured. Last thing to do is sew it onto your night mask, I did it between my 2 layers but you can do it your way and sew it at the back.

Now you’re all ready with your night mask and goodnight!