2 ways to style a white tee

Hey guys!
Today I’m back again with a ‘how I style’ post! I decided to style a basic white tee. Because as boring it may be, I feel like when it’s styled the right way it can make a bomb ass look.
I styled it 2 different ways, I hope you like it. 🙂

How to style a basic white tee
The first look is a very simple outfit but perfect for those easy days. All you need for this look is obviously a white tee, black pants, jean jacket and cute jewelry!
Because as simple as the outfit is, the jewelry will make or break your outfit.
I went with some dainty layered necklaces but a very statement watch. I’m wearing my Guess connect smartwatch. It was a huge investment but it was so worth it! I have a review up on my blog all about this watch.
But it can be any statement watch or necklace.





The rest of the outfit is very simple. As I said, the jewelry is what makes this outfit. The shoes add in too, I paired it with a more ‘special’ kind of shoe. I paired it with some lace up flats. I tucked in the white tee in the front to give it more shape. For this outfit I used a more bagy white tee. I used a L (I’m usually a S), this gives it that more oversized effortless look.

The second outfit is very different. First of all I used a different white tee. One that hugs my body. I paired it with A tulle midi skirt and some flat espadrilles. The white tee dresses down the skirt which I love. It gives me more opportunities to wear this particular skirt.

To add a pop of color I added in this pink jacket. It’s is very light so perfect for this time in between summer and fall. What you can do to dress this skirt up is adding in a pair of heels. Any court shoe will do to make this outfit perfect for a night out.


What else would you like to see me style? Be sure to let me know!

Lots of love



Back to school outfit

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been a while since I posted an outfit post. So I decided to go out and shoot this back to school look. To be honest, it isn’t what I wore to my first day of college but simply because it’s college. If you’d like a back to college outfit I would gladly do that! So the look I did today is more so a high school outfit something I would’ve worn last year when I was still in high school. I hope you like it!


I went for a casual but mostly comfortable look. It’s your first day you’ll probably be walking around the building, carrying all of your books,.. So comfortable but stylish is the way to go!

To add a bit of a ‘wauw’ effect I added my Gucci belt but any statement belt will do just to spice up to outfit. I paired it with the Adidas NMD, unfortunately I couldn’t find them in the pink color but all of the colors are nice!

The pink cropped sweater matches the pink shoes perfectly. This exact one isn’t available anymore but I’ll link some alternatives down at the bottom of this post.

The faux leather jacket gives it that more of a ‘I’m handling life’-vibe. :p

Products mentioned:
Shoes: Adidas NMD  €140
Jeans: Urban Outfitters high rise jeans €70
Belt: Gucci double G belt €520
Sweater: Couture Candy sweater on sale for €30
Jacket: H&M biker jacket €60

I hope you liked this simple but fun look for going back to school! Did you post any back to school outfit’s? let me know!!

Lots of love



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Fall essentiels shopping list

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my must have items for fall 2017! Because let’s be honest the cosy and colder months are right behind the corner. For some of us it has probably alreay started!

So If you want to know what you MUST get for this fall, keep on reading!

  1. Shoes
    The loafer trend is not over yet! Loafers were everywhere this summer but nothing is changing for fall/winter! I found these amazing very fallish  which are on sale right now for 19.99!! Another pair I really like are these pink ones, right up my alley!

    2. Sweaters/Jumpers
    Cosy and warm knits is probably what I like most about fall! I usely go for basic colors liks black white and grey but I found this GORGEOUS striped knit. I love the rollneck and the stripes are just so flattering! Absolute love!
    3. Bags
    I went for 2 colorful bags, I know, crazy! But there’s an explanation for it! Red will be all over this season, you can already tell by going into the stores. Red is going to be huge this fall. Since I wouldn’t neccessarily wear a red sweater I thought a bag is the perfect way to include some color into your outfit. The other one is yellow and perfect for transitioning into fall!


    This concludes all of the pieces I’m getting for fall! It’s not everything obviously but it’s the things that are on my list at the moment!

What is your must get for fall? Be sure to let me know!!!

Lots of love



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2 ways to style a Gucci belt

Hey guys! Todays post is completely dedicated to my Gucci double G belt. I’ve wanted this belt for as long as I can remember. It’s such a classic piece and it seems like everyone and their momma has it. It’s a huge investment and there are so many styles to choose from. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but I decided to just go for a simple black leather belt.

If you look on pinterest or instagram there are so many girls/women styling this belt and to be honest, i can’t pull of most of their looks. So today I’ll be showing you how I wear my double G gucci belt.
Pinterest edited

  1. The first look concludes a simple black jeans and a basic white shirt. 2 basic pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe! Adding any statement belt to a simple outfit like this really elevates the whole look.

To add a little pop of color I paired it with a baby pink blazer, just to give it that little bit of ‘extra’. For shoes I went with something very simple to compliment the whole look. These are just some back lace up boots that go with everything. As you can see I’m already getting into fall.

2. The second look is completely different. I wouldn’t call it ‘edgy’ but it’s at least more edgy than the first one.

I love pairing a simple dress with a statement belt. This belt definitely does the job! Just be aware: I had to get extra holes made in the belt because there weren’t enough to fit it thight enoug around my waist.
The belt now really accentuates my waist. I wore it with a very statement sailorish jacket which isn’t usually my cup of tea but I just felt like it paired so well.

There are so many ways to wear this belt and it a great investment. It elevates every single outfit! This belt is a great option for anyone like me, who is starting a luxury collection.

How would you style this belt? Be sure to let me know or show me your blogpost about it!

Lots of love




I wear something other than pink

Zara is one of my favorite shops and today’s outfit is made out of nothing but Zara. During the sale I went a bit crazy so this post is dedicated to zara.

I feel like Zara is just that bit different from H&M, New look or Pimkie. It always looks way more expensive than it actually is. Especially during the sale the prices get extemely low.

I paid €7.99 for the top an €9.99 for the skort. The shoes are form last year but I think I only paid €19.99 for them.







I love the bottoms so much because they look like a cute mini skirt but actually they’re shorts. I always feel way more comfortable in shorts so I loved it! It is great to walk around discovering a town like I did. Again, ruffles is becoming a trend on my blog but I just think it’s so cute!

I’m not really the kind of person that wears a lot of color (besides pink obviously 😉 ) but this one sold me. The red just spoke to me together with the ruffles who give the basic top that bit of special.








Another reason why I love zara is because they always have great dupes for designer pieces. Since I’m a designer lover but can’t always afford it Zara is a great way to wear something ‘disgneresque’.


So what do I actually want to tell you with this post?
It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good. As much as I love designer pieces and even though I would pay that much for certain items, it’s not always like that. It’s definitely not necessary. As long as you feel good in what you’re wearing.

Lots of love


What I wore in Paris

A few weeks ago I was in Paris for 1 day. A great opportunity to take nice outfit shots, because everyone knows Paris is the capital city of fashion. Since we were walking around for a whole day I wanted to dress casual and comfortable. Yet I still wanted my outfit to stand out.


Eventuelly my outfit didn’t really turn out to be perfect for that day. It got extremely warm and the sun was shining all day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun! But I just wished I wore something more ‘summery’.

Nevertheless I loved the outfit. The combination of the flowers and the red top made the outfit that bit more ‘childess’ but still feminine. The ripped jeans gave the flowers another vibe, which I really liked.

Another thing I really like about these pants are the ripped bottoms. I love the look of that! it’s different but still very feminine.

As for the shoes I stayed with the colorful theme. These shoes give me all sorts of feelings. I never been really into color but this season changed. The shoes really do have every color of the rainbow but still manages to look nice.


That concludes this look. I loved wandering around in Paris seeing all these beautiful places!

Lots of love



Pink floral dress in Cannes

Today I wanted to take time to put this particular dress in the spotlight. Lately I’ve been seeing those beautiful Zimmermann floral flowy dresses. But unfortunately i’m not in the position where I can pay 500 euro for a dress. I looked EVERYWHERE. Zara, H&M, Mango,… Nothing was what I was looking for but then I came across this dress.
I’ve had this app on my phone for a long while but never really used it. It’s the online shop Stradivarius. (I found out they also have actual stores)
At the time it was on sale for 9.99!! Yes, I paid 9.99 for this gorgeous dress. As for now not all the colors and sizes are available. But if you have the opportunity to buy it, you won’t regret it! I’ll leave some alternatives down at the bottom, because their new collection is ON FIRE!

I decided to pair it with neutral shoes and bag to make the dress stand out. The bag (which has ruffles!!!) is now on sale for 9 euro in Pimkie! The shoes aren’t available anymore but they’re just espradilles with flowers on them, nothing too special.

The last accessory was a pair of sunglasses which look extremely like the Dior ones, but ofcourse they aren’t. 😉 Again they aren’t available anymore but I found almost the exact pair on Asos for only 12 pounds.
This is the complete look, I had the lovely opportunity to shoot this in Cannes (France). One of the most stunning beaches I’ve seen so far. I loved it!

Lots of love



Alternative dresses:
Blue floral maxi dress
red floral jumpsuit