Guess Connect Smartwatch review

Hey guys today I’ll be talking about this € 380 smartwatch. Is it really worth that much of money? If you want to know please read on. 🙂

I have this watch now for about 4 months so I really took my time trying it out. The watch is definitely amazing but there are some negative aspects about it for sure. I’ll talk about them later.

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The watch comes in a grey box with a “pillow” kind of thing (LOL), charging cord and a very small manual.
The strap is made out of silicone
It has rose gold/blue plating
And a stainless steel case
The watch has 3 buttons. 2 for the ‘smart’ part and 1 for the ‘regular’ watch to set the time.

Even though it is a smartwatch and has the features of a smartwatch it looks like a regular ‘fashionable’ watch. Which is the main reason why I specificly went for this one. It has a very small display at the bottom of the watch, which for me is large enough. I would say it’s somewhere in between a smartwatch and a regular watch. It’s great if you want some of the features of a smartwatch but still really want the looks. Because for sure this watch looks amazing, it makes a statement when wearing it. It’s rather bulky but I like those kind of watches, it’s all about how you wear it.


Let me talk about it’s features:
It comes with an app on your phone to connect with it. In this app you can decide which apps you want to recieve notifications from on your smartwatch. (You’re still with me?)
A cool aspect about this is you can choose for each app individual which apllication makes which vibration.
I think this is the main feature of the watch, recieving notifications. It is possible to answer through the watch but for me it doesn’t work that well. The watch is connected with Siri (Iphone) or Google (android). You just push the button and ‘talk’ to Siri.
Other features:
GPS, Music control, digital clock, phone with it,…

Now I’m going to talk about the positive and negative aspects:
Let’s start with the positive aspects.

  • It is GREAT for recieving notifications, you don’t have to check your phone every single minute, you’ll immediately know through the watch. It’s great for when you’re in meetings, at school,…
  • When you’re listening to music you can easily switch to the next song.
  • When it’s dark you can check the digital clock
  • It’s easy to phone with it even though you really need to hold the watch close to your mouth, which can get awkward at times… 😉
  • It looks amazing
  • You can change the vibration for every single app

Now the negative aspects.

  • The main thing is this: When you happen to not use the watch for a few days and afterwords you turn it on, BOOM! You get all of your notifications from the last like 24 hours, which is soooo annoying! Because I don’t use this watch everyday and it takes quite a long time until the watch has gone through the notifications.
    I searched if you can change this somewhere in the settings but you can’t. Which is what I hate most about the watch.
  • When I want to talk to Google it doesn’t understand me. For example: If I say ‘call *name*’ It won’t work since it doesn’t recognise the name. Maybe this has to do with me using Dutch names? I have no idea but it just doesn’t work.
  • The manual you get with it is really small. You do have a youtube channel all about this watch where they explain every single feature in a video. This is really helpful!

That’s all of my thoughts spilled out about this Guess smartwatch.

So as a conclusion: I don’t regret spending that amount of money on this watch but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s just not worth it for me since I have so many other gorgeous watches I tend to use way more often. If you’re really into watches and you just want the basic aspects of a smartwatch this is great for you!


Anyone else who has this watch? What do you think of it?

Lots of love




Frends headphones dupe | rose gold headphones

Hey guys!
A while ago I fell in love with the Frends Layla headphones. These sell for around €170 (depends on which one you get). Anyway for me €170 for headphones is a lot. I’m the kind of girl who throws them in my handbag on the go and uses them now and then. So 170 euro is a lot. For severel months I looked for a ‘dupe’, as they call it. Finally, after all this time I found headphones just as gorgeous, which I’m going to review for you.
These stunning headphones only cost €30! I got them of aliexpress, which can be a very ‘tricky’ website and you’ll never know what quality you get. That’s why I decided to review these rose gold headphones.

1. The looks
To be honest, I would buy these headphones just for the looks. The rose gold is actually rose gold and is just absolutely beautiful. The details on them are also ON POINT.
Another aspect I love is you can ‘fold’ the headset into a small case, this makes it very travel friendly!
As said, a case comes with it and it’s not the most beautiful one but it’s just very practical.
The wires you can detach which again, is very practical. There are also buttons on the wires to turn the volume up and down and to change the song. This way you don’t have to take your phone/Ipod out to do that.

2. The sound
Disclaimer** I’m not the most technical person.** For me the sound is perfect but i won’t say it’ll be ‘great’ for everyone. if you’re looking for headphones which produce amazing sound I wouldn’t necessarily go for these. I would advice something like beats. I’m not saying the sound is bad, definitely not but it’s not “blowing away amazing”. It’s a normal quality sound I guess.

3. General
In general I think these headphones are a great ‘dupe’ or cheaper alternative. They look absolutely stunning and I love how they sit on the head. So far this is the only alternative I’ve found but it’s definitely a good one. It does take quit some time to get to you because they’re from aliexpress. For me, it was worth the wait.


If you want to buy these headphones you can dot it here.
The good thing about aliexpress is the free shipping and if you didn’t recieve your item you get a full refund. Even if there’s a small problem or you’re not statisfied (with a correct reason) you get a full refund. For me these headphones worked out great and I can’t be more happy about them!

Lots of love



Make up base – aliexpress review

make up base

To test this primer I compared it with the nivea post shave balm. (This isn’t an actual primer but it works great!) I applied nivea on the right side of my face and the aliexpress one in the right. I’ll begin with showing how it looked right after I applied my makeup.

Aliexpress make up base                                    Nivea post shave balm

What I noticed first is the weird texture of the primer, it’s extremely thick and weird. Beside that the makeup applied the same way as usual. I’m not 100 procent sure but I feel like the nivea side is ‘prettier’ (as in it is better blended en looks better applied). What do you think?
Now I’ll show you how it looked after a complete day.

Nivea post shave balm                                        Aliexpress primer

As you can see my bronzer, highlighter and blush stayed on way better at the aliexpress side, which I’m kind of surprised about! On the other hand if you look closely at my nose it looks awful… I wear glasses and it ‘damaged’ my makeup at the aliexpress side… Here’s a close up–>

So overal I don’t think it’s a bad primer but it’s definitely not the best. It has both positive as negative sides. As the price of nivea is the same I would get the nivea post shave balm.


Riho eyeshadow palette review

Today I’m reviewing an 14 colored eyeshadow palette, hope you like it.

This is the link but you can easily just find it when you look for palettes. It says it has 12 eyeshadows and 2 blushes but I have no idea how you could use any of these eyeshadows as blush… So let’s say you get 14 eyeshadows and a wide range of colors. Let’s get started.


  1. The pigmentation:
    It really depends on the color but in general I would give it a 6/10 because a few are very very good and a few are just bad. As you can see on the swatches, the pink, blue, white and green are not that good. On the other hand the browns and copper shades are very nice!
  2. the packaging:
    There’s not much to say about, they kept it very simple, the only ‘special’ part about it is the back of whole case is a mirror, very large and handy! 6/10
  3. the application and blending:
    This went surprisingly good. The colors are definitely buildable and they blend very good. I think you can create a lot of different looks because of the wide range of colors. The shadows feel nice on the skin and don’t irritate. (and this comes from a person with a very sensitive skin..)  I would give it a 8/10
  4. the smell:
    This might sound weird but for me this is a big thing. Some product smell so bad! And to be honest I feel the same way with this palette, the smell is awful! You don’t smell it when you apply it but when I opened the package the first thing I noticed was the smell. It can get worse but it’s still bad.. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s definitely not nice. 3/10


So this was it, I think you get what you pay for and maybe even more but there are for sure better palettes out there. In general I would give this a 6,5/10.