Classic look in a picturesque town

It’s not always high heels in a big city, sometimes, more often, it’s a simple look in a small little town. which is totaly fine with me!

Obsessed with being well dressed, totaly! But sometimes an outfit can be very simple with pieces that have been in your closet for ages. That’s what happened today and to me, it’s also blog worthy. I hope you like it!



Lots of love



Pastel pink spring outfit

Hey beauties! Today i’ll be showing one of my favorite outfits so far. Pink will be everywhere this season. Not only pink but any pastel colors. Last week I bought this AMAZING pink zara coat with flute sleeves. I couldn’t wait to wear them so today I’ll be showing how I wear a classy coat in a casual way. I hope you like it! 🙂


Zara coat:
I can’t seem to find the blouse but it’s from New Look
Shoes: All stars
Jeans: H&M

Lots of love


DIY pants to shorts

This is an easy and fast do it yourself project where I transformed a pants into shorts. Have fun! 🙂

DSC_0001 Step 1) You put on the pants you want and with a piece of chalk you draw a line how long you want your short to be but you take 2 inches more.

DSC_0002 Step 2) You fold the pants and cut where you draw the line.

DSC_0005  Step 3) Next it’s your choice how you want the edges to be, folded inwards our outwards. I decided to do it outwards (left leg). You pin the edges or you take the pants of very carefully.

DSC_0008 Step 4) You sew a couple of times the left and the right of your short and you’re finished. you might have to iron the shorts before you can actually wear them without the edges coming out.

The next step is your own choice. I added on another pair of shorts some ‘decoration’.

DSC_0013 Step 1) The piece you want to sew on your short you cut out in lace (or an other kind of fabric). I decided to do 1 side of the pants (without the pocket).

DSC_0015 Step 2) You handsew the piece on to your shorts and you’re all done. 

DSC_0016 This is my finishing result. 🙂