Summer Favorites

Hey guys!
I can’t believe it’s already halfway August! I feel like the summer just started. Anyway today I’ll be sharing with you my most used/favorite products during July and August.
I want to start with the favorite thing I got the past few months. My steph-dad gave me this stunning Swarovski ring. I’m so in love with it. It’s very classic so I wear it with almost everything. I’m so grateful because this is truly something special.


Next up is a beauty product I’ve been using all summer. There’s almost nothing left in the bottle. It’s a simple hair oil but it’s been my savior! The sun just makes my hair so dry!! I put this oil in overnight and by the morning my hair is silky and smooth again. It’s by Garnier so very affordable!
For the summer I’m wearing this fresh, flowery scent by Marc Jacobs. It’s the Daisy Dream perfume and it’s perfect for these summer days.
As you might have seen on my previous blog posts, I’ve been traveling and wandering around a lot. I always made sure to have the basics with me such as my camera, money and my phone. I wanted a small easy bag that would fit every outfit. So for the whole month i’ve been wearing this same bag from Pimkie. The ruffles on the bag are just everything!
Last up I want to quickly mention 2 last things I’ve been using/doing a lot this summer. First of all is this nail-polish by essence, which is my favorite brand for nail polishes! It’s this gorgeous pink (but not too pink) color. It’s called My Love Diary.
Second is this AMAZING book. As much as I love my Jane Austen books, I think I have a new favorite. It’s Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I would reccomend it to everyone!


That sums up all of my summer favorites. What are your favorites of this summer! Be sure to let me know! 🙂

Lots of love


What I wore in Paris

A few weeks ago I was in Paris for 1 day. A great opportunity to take nice outfit shots, because everyone knows Paris is the capital city of fashion. Since we were walking around for a whole day I wanted to dress casual and comfortable. Yet I still wanted my outfit to stand out.


Eventuelly my outfit didn’t really turn out to be perfect for that day. It got extremely warm and the sun was shining all day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun! But I just wished I wore something more ‘summery’.

Nevertheless I loved the outfit. The combination of the flowers and the red top made the outfit that bit more ‘childess’ but still feminine. The ripped jeans gave the flowers another vibe, which I really liked.

Another thing I really like about these pants are the ripped bottoms. I love the look of that! it’s different but still very feminine.

As for the shoes I stayed with the colorful theme. These shoes give me all sorts of feelings. I never been really into color but this season changed. The shoes really do have every color of the rainbow but still manages to look nice.


That concludes this look. I loved wandering around in Paris seeing all these beautiful places!

Lots of love



5 places you have to go to in Paris

As I was in Paris last week, I visited a lot of places. Some of them more known than others. Today I wanted to share the 5 places you MUST visit when in Paris.

  1. Shakespeare and Company
    This is a little bookstore close to the Notre Dame. It’s not just for book lovers it is just so much fun to go inside and take a look. There are books everywhere and they have EVERY genre. I bought a fashion book, which is totaly up my street.
  2. Colette
    This is a more known store but not everyone knows it! It’s not really close to any famous building so i would advise taking the subway. It’s a very ‘hip’ store. They have a lot of sneakers, clothes but also books, magazines, candles, music, watches and upstairs is a Balenciaga part. It’s a must visit if you have the time!
  3. Amorino
    If you feel like having a little snack like an ice-cream, smoothie, macarons,.. This is the place to go! There are several shops in Paris but I went to the one very close to the Notre Dame. They have a lot of options and the ice-creams are made like a flower. I loved it!
  4. Galeries Lafayette
    If you’re a designer lover like I am this is THE place to go. But even if you’re not that much of a designer lover I still think this is a place worth to go. If you go all the way up to the 8th floor you can go outside and have the most amazing view of Paris for FREE. You can also have a drink in the top of the building overlooking Paris.
    If you’re a designer lover this is perfect because it is a galerie of 7 floors full with designer stores. You can find everything. Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Miu Miu, Givenchy,.. It’s just nice to walk around even if you’re not planning on buying anything.
  5. Hard Rock café Paris
    Even if it’s just for a drink I would totaly go there and It’s very close to Galeries Lafayette. We went there for Dinner and the burgers are absolutely amazing! Another plus-point is the price. It’s not at all epxensive. (besides the cocktails)
    If you’re looking for a place to eat I would go there!


Have you ever been in Paris? What do you think I should add in the list?

Lots of love


What I bought in Paris |Haul

It’s been a week now since I got back from Paris. As I was in Paris I obviously did some shopping and today I’m going to show you what I got!

As you can see I didn’t buy all that much. (too busy wandering around)

Makeupwise I got these 3 things: Mac eyeshadow in Cranberry (€19.50) , Urban Decay lipstick in Disturbed ( €18.50) and the vice reloaded palette (I got this on sale for €21!!)

Next up I got 3 books again 2 different stores. First we went to Shakespeare and Company. One of the most amazing book stores I’ve ever seen! I got Coco Chanel by Megan hess. The other 2 books I got in Colette, which is an awesome store! They have everything from clothes, to books, to music to a lot of little nick nacks. I got 1 fashoin colorbook and 1 huge fashion magazine.


That concludes this haul! Have you ever tried anything I metioned? be sure to let me know!

Lots of love


Frends headphones dupe | rose gold headphones

Hey guys!
A while ago I fell in love with the Frends Layla headphones. These sell for around €170 (depends on which one you get). Anyway for me €170 for headphones is a lot. I’m the kind of girl who throws them in my handbag on the go and uses them now and then. So 170 euro is a lot. For severel months I looked for a ‘dupe’, as they call it. Finally, after all this time I found headphones just as gorgeous, which I’m going to review for you.
These stunning headphones only cost €30! I got them of aliexpress, which can be a very ‘tricky’ website and you’ll never know what quality you get. That’s why I decided to review these rose gold headphones.

1. The looks
To be honest, I would buy these headphones just for the looks. The rose gold is actually rose gold and is just absolutely beautiful. The details on them are also ON POINT.
Another aspect I love is you can ‘fold’ the headset into a small case, this makes it very travel friendly!
As said, a case comes with it and it’s not the most beautiful one but it’s just very practical.
The wires you can detach which again, is very practical. There are also buttons on the wires to turn the volume up and down and to change the song. This way you don’t have to take your phone/Ipod out to do that.

2. The sound
Disclaimer** I’m not the most technical person.** For me the sound is perfect but i won’t say it’ll be ‘great’ for everyone. if you’re looking for headphones which produce amazing sound I wouldn’t necessarily go for these. I would advice something like beats. I’m not saying the sound is bad, definitely not but it’s not “blowing away amazing”. It’s a normal quality sound I guess.

3. General
In general I think these headphones are a great ‘dupe’ or cheaper alternative. They look absolutely stunning and I love how they sit on the head. So far this is the only alternative I’ve found but it’s definitely a good one. It does take quit some time to get to you because they’re from aliexpress. For me, it was worth the wait.


If you want to buy these headphones you can dot it here.
The good thing about aliexpress is the free shipping and if you didn’t recieve your item you get a full refund. Even if there’s a small problem or you’re not statisfied (with a correct reason) you get a full refund. For me these headphones worked out great and I can’t be more happy about them!

Lots of love



Pink floral dress in Cannes

Today I wanted to take time to put this particular dress in the spotlight. Lately I’ve been seeing those beautiful Zimmermann floral flowy dresses. But unfortunately i’m not in the position where I can pay 500 euro for a dress. I looked EVERYWHERE. Zara, H&M, Mango,… Nothing was what I was looking for but then I came across this dress.
I’ve had this app on my phone for a long while but never really used it. It’s the online shop Stradivarius. (I found out they also have actual stores)
At the time it was on sale for 9.99!! Yes, I paid 9.99 for this gorgeous dress. As for now not all the colors and sizes are available. But if you have the opportunity to buy it, you won’t regret it! I’ll leave some alternatives down at the bottom, because their new collection is ON FIRE!

I decided to pair it with neutral shoes and bag to make the dress stand out. The bag (which has ruffles!!!) is now on sale for 9 euro in Pimkie! The shoes aren’t available anymore but they’re just espradilles with flowers on them, nothing too special.

The last accessory was a pair of sunglasses which look extremely like the Dior ones, but ofcourse they aren’t. 😉 Again they aren’t available anymore but I found almost the exact pair on Asos for only 12 pounds.
This is the complete look, I had the lovely opportunity to shoot this in Cannes (France). One of the most stunning beaches I’ve seen so far. I loved it!

Lots of love



Alternative dresses:
Blue floral maxi dress
red floral jumpsuit

If I could design my own closet

If I could design my own closet… It might seem as an easy thing to do but honestly, it would take me ages to perfect it. If you’d ask me this 2 years ago I wouldn’t even care. But since fashion became such a big part of what I love this question became really hard. Obviously I have an idea and a certain style I want to share with you today.

A closet definitely needs these few things:

  1. The main area
    Even though I like simplistic and modern, I would want my closet to be more on the classic style with touches of today. I don’t know how to explain so I’ll let a picture speak. It’s not exaclty what I want but it’s in the right direction.
    Something I can’t miss in the area? a nice small sofa.
    Complete closet_edited
  2. Lighting
    Natural light is my go to, I want to know how my outfit looks outside. So a big window is a must! But obviously i won’t always be dressing myself during the day so a nice chandelier would look gorgeous.
  3. Mirror
    This is so obvious but it’s not easy chosing one. Do I want it hanging on the wall or standing? I chose a standing mirror because it’s easy to place it wherever you want. It’s simplistic with a touch of elegance at the top, just what I like.
  4. A closet island
    Isn’t this what everyone wants? A closet so big you can put an island in it. It’s definitely what I want. It’s easy to store little things like jewelry, sunglasses, scarfs, clutches,…
    jewelry drawer_edited

Now you got to take a glimpse of what goes on in my mind when I think about ‘my dream closset’. What would you really need in your closet?


Lots of love


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